Hello Readers :)

I am not going to tell you much who I am actually, hehe. But I will tell you why I write this blog up, and what I am doing.

I am very keen on photography,yes,photography but not cameragraphy. What is so different between them? Yes, I hate when people accused their camera for not been able to produce picture like that like this, just admit it, you are the one who make photography impossible, as photography never restrict you for anything, it just broaden you,and your imagination. If you have 100% idea to give, photography and art won’t just take 40% from you,they will take more if not 100%, nevertheless, photography is something borderless or should I call it Limitless?


I am sorry for my improper english as I am not really fluent on it, I am not using english for my conservation or my writing language, I am better in mandarin or dialect, but I choose to use english is because english can be understand worldwide, and I can let you read my wordpress, my thought and ‘read’ my photography work. I wish I am not talking too much and I can show you more. I am not professional photographer and I am not even close to enthusiast, but I am quite keen on it and I love it  🙂

I really hope that you can enjoy my site as I wish I could regularly update my site, too bad, my school will not be provided me enough speed or coverage of internet access and I am going back soon,please forgive me if I cant regularly kept this site update, but my passionate towards photography will not be end,I hope so.


Oooops, too much drifting from point and I haven’t start to tell you what kind of photography I am passionate at, all right, I am actually love Black and white photography and Nature (Macro) photography, I love nature, and those nostalgia black and white feel. I love them… And I will show you some of my work later on.But I will not share anything before today, I will only post my work start from today. What camera am I using? I am using a super old machine (an 2003 model),a short focal macro lenses and a kit lenses with cheap external flash. Hope you guys will like my work.


For anything before today, maybe you should visit my facebook, su inspire, skb9927@yahoo.com


Stay tuned.


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