A hospital trip

Yesterday my mum yelling that she felt something wrong in her throat after we ate fish in the Thursday night. So thing didn’t get right as she constantly feel that the fish bone is still stuck in her throat after one day. So without being too late, I accompany her to General hospital at the Saturday night and doctor asked her to come back at Sunday morning due to X-ray film didn’t reveal anything. So that even after hours of waiting in hospital, I decided I should accompany my mum to go to GH Sunday morning WITH my camera,as I have found some interesting subject.

And before 8am in the sunday morning,we have already arrived. We went to the place we wait for doctor last night and been asked to wait for the doctor at the first floor. After the doctor came, we been asked to follow him heading ground floor. As when we enter the room, I found out something interesting. Guess what? It is an Olympus machine use in Gh.

Yes, I love Olympus (my bad never tell you guys), but I am not a fan boy. Anyway, I have been acknowlegde before Olympus is quite widely used and famous in medical field. What make me surprise is next, you know what this machine is using for?

Yes! It is used to check inspect something ‘inside’ which our naked eyes can’t reach, in this case will be my mum’s mouth, it is something that a lenses (a fixed focus macro lenses I assumed) and you can insect it into patient’s mouth, nose, ears or maybe some other parts -.-!!  . And the video or the image will show lively on the monitor screen(monitor screen is from Sony,haha). Doctors can’t find fishbone inside my mum’s mouth and throat, so as X-ray can’t find something stuck in my mum throat, so he concluded that it is maybe a scar in my mum’s throat, the feeling is like ‘fishbone is in your throat’. So after give my mum some talk, I ask doctor’s permission to take close-up for the medical equipment. I told him because this is Olympus which same brand as my camera, he said ‘okok,kamu pengejar olympus ke?haha’ ,I laughed and I speak in my heart ‘not only just that,but I am the hardcore one :P’. And I quickly change to my macro lenses and thanksful for the kind doctor to help me holding the ‘torch camera’

This is how it looks like, the round shape in the middle is the camera lenses, and the three white things is the torch light (which is the light source), they are very bright (this is where the pen accessory macro light come from?) and from what I see from the machine, it is just 10 percent of the brightness it can go, I can’t imagine how will it be if fully opened its brightness capability. Anyway, from what I see at the monitor screen, the image is quite clear and real macro. Lightning is good and DOF was super good, I assume this is using a tiny sensor.

So after take some medicine from what they called ‘satelite pharmacy’, I rushed to the X-ray room to take some interesting picture that I saw yesterday night, I am in rushing time.My mum was waiting for me.

This is what I wish to photograph from the first second I saw it yesterday night. People said, the best camera is the one you are holding now. yes it is. I don’t have any camera or camera phone by my side yesterday night and seems like I have no chance to photograph this eventhough I have ‘see’ this. This is why I always bring my camera now eventhough it is quite bulky, I wish to move to something more light anyway without sacrificing image quality (you know what camera I am talking about rite? ^.-)

Ok,lets back to the picture. It is very eyes catching especially it located at the very end of the x-ray room in hospital, and when there is NO ONE around me, the path heading to this picture is quite long, can you imagine what I am imagine when I walk towards to the picture? this is really good feel image,and some loneliness hiding in the picture as well as some secrecy or maybe some mystery. This is at hospital so the feel is totally different.

And at last, please respect the sign, there is no camera allowed in hospital. hahahaha 😛

Two more picture to share which I shoot yesterday, not perfect cause all done in very rush.

A blue (but now black and white) sky.

This shot composition can be better 😦 I should give a try next time. Anyway, for your information, this is a famous and hot spot for people commit suicide lately.

Thanks for reading , enjoy your day.


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