Black and white editing

As I told you before, I love black and white photography, maybe it is because of the tonal range and the ‘feeling’ the black and white created. Anyway, I have told before,this is a sharing site and I wlll share something I know (not I pro),especially how to make a film like black and white digital. Anyway, plese allowed me to elaborate on me and black and white photography before we go any further.


I love photography since few months before, and yes I know few months is really short…haha.. Anyway, I just started shooting like 2 years like that, so I have to say, I am still very new and fresh shooter. I lurk around different forum everyday, include some mandarin forum, like fotolah,myfotogang and myphotofever. English web like mychiaruscuro ( I hope that I spelled it right) and dpreview., sure,there is some other forum or photography site too which I lurk around when internet accessibility is with me. First time when I saw a sifu posting the black and white image, I still remember it is a documentary type photography, It catch my eyes in the very first place, the tonal range,the FEEL and the way it appeared, simple yet complicated. The grain is so damn nice too.So without being just in dream, I save money and bought some film camera for black and white photography. As a ‘Hardcore’ Olympus user, my first preference for sure went to olympus slr in first place. So that ‘chu’n I saw an Olympus OM-1 MD sold together with a  magnum (if I remembered correctly) 28mm 2.8 lenses, As I think I can use the lenses with my OM adapter on my camera, I finally bought it with my allowance when I doing internship. And finally the SLR came and I bought 4 film from west Malaysia as my place didn’t sell any, as I can recall, they are, Fujifilm Neopan 400, Kodak Tri X 400 x2,and a roll of kodak Tmax 100. I get those together and loaded my om-1 with the black and white film and bought winder 2 for my OM-1. After few days when I finally finished a roll, guess what?! My place here don’t have a place to develop black and white film… OH MAN  O.o  I am fed up, just before this I asked a shop if they can help to develop black and white film and she said ok. After few days for searching around the town, all ‘big and small’ camera shop don’t have the offer, I have been search until Brunei too, but there is no hope. So I have to make decision if I have to sell all my SLR gear or develop it by myself. Being a student, I don’t have much cash to play something like this even though film won’t be my main shooting priority, I still have a digital SLR. As healthy issue main to be concern and money too, I decided to clear all my film stuff. So I started to shoot digital black and white. I hate to edit photos or do any adjustment, so I never think of doing black and white before as film black and white is so muchhhh different with the digital one. But I have found one real good solution to my want.


As I searching on net, I know Dxo Lab have programmed a stimulated film software named Dxo Filmpack, but I have try my luck , there is no one on net which can make me use ‘free’, or anybody here can help to give me the link? Which say when you open a image,you just tell the software you want fujifilm neopan effect and the software will give you neopan ‘taste’ . For your information, every type of film has their very own characteristics especially when you compared the western film with japanese film maker. So as I cant find out the filmpack software, I try another option.


Yes, I am using Adobe lightroom 3.4 on this. Don’t look down on the lightroom, the step is very simple, you just import the image to lightroom, and adjust the black and white effect you want (filter used). and export,that is all. Haha… But the colour of the filter you applied play a important role.  I just go through the forum but can’t find the article regarding different filter and how the filter colour will affect your picture outcome. But for easy talk, I break my rule which I claimed I won’t show the pic I shoot before 3 of july,this time is a exception -.-!! . Use the colour filter that opposed to the colour of your scene. Lets say:

This is a whole blue colour (I mean majorly blue coloured image,what if I apply different colour filter in lightroom? lets see one example with blue filter.


As you can see when we use blue filter,as the colour of the filter is same as the colour of the scene, so the contrast can’t be bring out even though the tonal range is still there, noted, tonal range can’t be created, your sensor must have been capture the tonal range, all we can do is just make it look more ‘clearer’.

How about if I applied different filter now? A red filter.



As you can see, the contrast is now out and the tonal range is still there.


Hope you enjoy, Please tell me ya if you have FIlmpack software. Thanks.  😀



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