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This is my very first time to add watermark in my image,and I create this red font chinese word 微距叔 (Uncle Macro) to be my signature as I have been using this name for quite sometime. As you know, image stolen and repost is very famous and become a trend lately. I am not pro and I know there will be nobody would like to copy my image anyway, but I just added one and it is not too troublesome too.


All image appeared here will be in black and white orcoloured only if it is macro works.


Steal image is seriously prohibited in any place for every photographer, I am the same too. So dont copy my image excepy you have got my permission ya.

I will be doing plenty of macro work, and I will be back to my rural college tomorrow, I hope I can do some macro there, and enhance more. This is my first time to bring my cam to school, I never did this before because the humidity of my room is very high and I don’t love fungus like everyone you here. But I still want to bring it there cause I don’t want my machine to become a machine, it should be my ‘tools to see the world’ rite? what for if I just let it stay in the shelf? And I guess if  regularly bring it under the sun and it should be ok.


Hope you enjoy reading my photography or maybe’ thought’ blog. I hope I can give my best to keep this blog alive even though there is no readers, everyone should have their personal room to express themselves rite? As I have no photography friend around me, so I bet starting a blog to express myself is extremely important  🙂


Anyway, I will be back to school tomorrow, so the internet access was real bad at there, but I will do my best if there is something I want to share in my blog. Thanks. Wish me luck.



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