I reached Mukah, finally new post == The journey

Finally, after one month I reached my school and I only have time to post a new entry in my wordpress. It has been a fking long time since my last post. Well, I admited that I am too lazy to write a new post due to super turtle slow internet connection and my laziness which lay inside me. Haha. Anyway I wish to post a new post for few times already but really hard to post without good internet connection, please forgive my laziness but I won’t let this blog die for no reason, this is my promise. Anyway, about one month ago I have leave my home town to continue my study. I go back to this super rural area, yes I am not kidding, my study place is a very rural area, it is Mukah if you know the name. Even though I myself also don’t know what the heck are they building a college at such a rural area, anyway, such a long trip make me a good place for photographing in my 8 hours bus trip.


Yes, I know this is not a good shot, quite shaky due to my unstable hand in such a low light situation some more I refust to junk my ISO up so as a result, is this kinda of shaky image. Anyway, the bus was full that day. Along the fun journey, there is so much for me to photography. Guess what? I have reached Batu Niah and there is a little ‘zoo’ located at the food court.



Hehe,this is the big dragon that slept inside the cage and after my flash light attacking him, he wake up and kinda of ‘stare’ at me.



The yellow and white snake which I can’t get identity in my snake booklet. Anyway I failed to get a snapshot of the little snake as it hide his little head under the long body. Anyway this is a beautiful snake.


This is the giant tortoise, even though not in a good skin but still a beautiful creature I can say. with super sharp jaw, my 70mm(35mm equiv) lenses was hardly capture whole part of the creature’s body in such a limited space.


This water fish is another cute creature. We named it water fish (direct translated) in our culture. This is a very huge giant (Yes! Very huge) , totally a gigantic beast. The aquarium was full of tiny scatch and manual focus is the only way for Olympus E1 to shoot this creature is such condition.



A normal tortoise as you can found in normal pet shop, but next picture is somehow…. UnNormal.


Yes, alot alot alot of money and 4 digit number written on paper being ‘tabung’ into a big transparent box, people beg for lottery, quite funny  hahahha.





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