We are in Forever Love mode ==

 ‘ Grainy FILM straight out of cam’

These are the chipmunks which appears in Disney cartoon series ‘Chip n Dale’, I bought them when I went back to home town last few week. This seriously cute two little thing caught my eyes in the very first time when I saw them. I thought I want to buy a pair of ring with our name crafted on it at first, but it is damn difficult to find a ring that suit my finger size == (My hands are bigger than normal person, I admit) .Anyway just when I want to gave up and ‘retreat’, my brother finally found this ‘girly’ shop (which we had shop all of the ‘girly’ shop in the mall) and he suggested that I should take a look there. In the first place I am unwilling to go as I know there is not selling any ring there, but that it is  no harm to ‘just’ take a look. But as I start to lurk around the shop, these two thing caught my eyes and I spend sometime to look at them, and I have made my decision, THAT IS IT!I told myself. And they followed me home 🙂


Luckily the ‘gift taker’ which is my dear were quite happy with the present. Nice. I keep the one at the left and she keep the one at the right. Good luck  ^^


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