A silly question but quite fun. What do you think that making you ‘you’? Let’s say, what make a teacher ‘teacher’? Maybe the rattan stick that he/she carries every day? Or the responsibility of teaching and train our young generation? As for a policeman, what make a policeman ‘policeman’? The corruption? Or the responsibility to protect the nation and safety of our country? Different answer for everybody even though one may stand in the same station. So now, what do you think that make you feel that it is you? Let’s say, your family? Your child? Your career? your achievement?

This month is such a cruel month for me.  I have facing a heavily and consistent out of my budget plan spending behavior, and this is not good. I leave a almost egg in my wallet T.T Damn. Thought have to sell my cam to fund. Just when I walk back to hostel, I think in my mind, a man without dream, a man without achievement is not a man. This is painful. And I posted my cam and lenses on the net, if there is anyone who will take them, I might get a high end compact. But compact camera is really not my type, even though I love the compact size which I can carry my camera everywhere, the most basic photography rule should not be rule of third or sunny 13 rule, it should be the best camera is the one with you now or the camera that you will carry always with you. Yes, this is what DSLR make me frustrated a lot. The image quality is not comparable, the high ISO performance is nice and superior to compact camera but if you speak upon the size, it is a serious downside for the DSLR ( I know there is micro four third and sony NEX also lame Pentax Q system around). I guess I am going too far, let’s stick back to our topic. I told my roommate what I will do, I will sell my cam. Guess what my roommate told me. He is really a worm in my stomach (well, my girlfriend too , thanks for the superb understanding), he asked me NOT TO SELL the camera, without photography and camera, he don’t know how to describe Su Kah Bin. Lol, just about two hours ago, my girlfriend told me just the same. She was angry and asked me not to sell the camera. Well, being apart with my beloved camera is totally painful one. Anyway, I am just decided to keep the camera first. As I really love the output of the camera for now.  What make my heart warm is my GF love what I do and love what I took. Nice. Such a big encouraging of her and supportive, this is the girl I always dreamed of, LOL, going too far again.  Yes, I stunned there and how my roommate know just what I am thinking, I wonder since when photography have dissolved into my life quietly and make me ‘me’ in that way, not all bad though.


Oh yeah, about the picture above, this is the little kitten in my campus which was just freshly born one or two months ago. This is the little brown one that my GF love the most. I have a set of collection of them, but forgive me to just show one of my collection.

One week left, I will be going back to my hometown since there is short semester break, I will be sure go and do some macro, not to waste the superb macro lenses, superb resolution and my shame DIY flash diffuser. I will keep this blog alive and update. Sayonara. 


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