Who are still awake?

Do you ever did this in sleepless night? You were alone, and something was in your mind and you can’t ‘release’ from it, you opened your eyes thinking everything to stop you from thinking, and you search your phonebook, there is no one, at least no one that you think that he/she was still awake. Keep searching and searching then you give up. Who are still awake? Except you yourself?


No, this is not what bothering me now. Near Hari Raya now and when I wake up very early this morning, I am brushing my teeth and notice that it is only one room switch on his lamp, and the idea ‘who are still awake’ fishing in my head, I grab my camera in my room immediately and photograph this scene, converted it to my favourite black and white image, with add up a lot of noise. I love this picture myself. Although originally I have took 3 or 4 shots totally but all end up in 5 seconds slow shutter without tripod, shaky picture. This is the best among them, hope you love it as I do too J


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