Bye E1 and Hi E30

I have been trade my beloved Olympus E1 with some top up to a newer Olympus DSLR, however, both are in different lineup in Olympus 43 model, just the later is newer, for your acknowledgement, E1 is first interchangeable lenses DSLR that exist in the world, needless to say it is first 100% digital DSLR including the Zuiko Digital lenses too in this world. Nothing wrong in the E1 just my shaky hand just cant get in the way, so I accept the offer which trade my E1 for E30 and top up few hundred. For me it is ok, if you asked me which one I love much, E1 or E30? I will tell you I love both of them, just E1 is a little bit more reluctant to let go because it was the camera that stay the longest with me, which is about 8 months. It is abit like give and take when I switched to E30. Though those areas which I have expected to improved do cheer me a lot.


Well, let me elaborate more about the Olympus E1 first. I got this Babe E1 while I am doing internship in my hometown, it is just 6k shutter count at the time I bought it second hand. Man!! 6K only wooi!! E1 rated shutter life is about 150K and most of the owner can use more than 150k. I calculated that I can use it for about 3 to 4 years, even though it is a 5MPDSLR and 8 Years old already since the production line. But hey! The Kodak CCD sensor colour is really outstanding. That is why I wish I could own it at that time. And every four third users sure heard a lot and tonnes of praised on the Legendary E1 EVERYDAY! The colour is top of the peak in digital era and claimed to be very film like, the tonal range I tell you WOOOOOOOOHHHHH!!!  Is very very good and you can see many ‘layer’ colour and tonality, the tonal range is really great! And too,too, the shutter sound is very very quiet and soft,well damped sound, a sound or you can call it as MELODY as well, which can comfort your soul. I can’t forget the super soft sound, jiuuuuup~ Very nice!  Viewfinder personally I think is great too. The ergonomic, handling and the place that it put all of the button, the place engineer put the control dial is too good, really is a extension to your hand,FIRM and STABLE! The colour,the ergonomic, super accurate white balance performance the shutter noise, is all that worth 1K for a E1, really nice and the pixel wise DSLR too.Needless to say the build quality and weatherproof body


Olympus E1 and me at the first day that I have him, and the Zuiko OM 50mm f1.8, the only lenses that I have in that time.


For E30,that is really alot to scream about too. But unlike E1 as a TRUE photographer kit, E30 is very much like a camera that junk into a lot of new technology and newer sensor. Both is not new camera I have to say but E30 is 6 years ahead technology. Of course, the Image stabellizer technology is why I am into it. An bigger viewfinder, I am not often to use high ISO especially E1 max useable ISO is 400 only,but E30 produce really nice ISO performance with noise filter off up to 1600 to my eyes. Higher resolution which can max use all resolving power of my ZD lenses, however, a 12MP sensor means it eats up a lot of my hard disk, and I need a new hard disk very very soon. Faster shooting rate or processing rate is not what I need even though seems like a advantage as well. The articulating and bigger screen is a great advantage for me too. Oh yeah, the dynamic range seems better too. And the most most most useful thing for me should be the AUTO FOCUSING SPEED! It is at least 85% faster than my previously E1 with single point focusing selected. And even at low light condition, Even with the slow macro lenses,it can snap on the focus too,very quick. The very same focusing system as E3, which claimed the world fastest AF when use with Zuiko Digital 12-60mm SWD lenses while everyone of us know it isn’t. This is not all of the advantageous but the AF speed do impress me a lot. Anyway, the shutter noise is just too loud, seriously. It is a shame that Olympus canoot use the advantage as they use a smaller mirror and should produce silent shutter sound but as I test, canon 60d, 1100D and Nikon D3100 and D5100 have much much more silent shutter noise than my E30.

Anyway, tool is just a too, it wont really help me to improve my photographing skill, and I am still sucks by the way.


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