Girl that could die for love

Die For love
That was so sad, one of my very good friend have just broke with her love one. Just all other teenagers out there, losing a hard to forget relationship is so much like losing everything for them. They are not silly, really, they are just so blind to see, they are just refuse to see the truth that they have to let go, a already can’t continue relationship, the relationship just didn’t work, they have to go, and continue to find another one, who will treat her like nobody will, treat her like the way she deserved. She was so blind because she said she can’t let go, can’t let go a ‘long run’ two years relationship. Hey, there are plenty of couple or husband and wife divorced even after years or decades, didn’t they are more like a ‘sigh’ to let go? But they have to let go too, cause there is not WHOLE of your life, it is just part of your life. Sometimes I hate to admit that this is one of the challenges that we have to go through, just like gaining experience, everyone have to grow up, sadly, it is almost impossible for us to grow up without feeling any terrible pain.
Girls, I am not old enough to say this. But there is always a better one out there. If she is the best one for you, she will treat you good and you will treasure him as much as he do. If he is not the one for you, even when you forced yourself to hard hold, he will still ‘slip’ away, this is cruel but this is life.

She is a good friend of mine, I sms her like everybody did, convinced her and give her very very much of advice and motivation, even there is no significant of help for her, but we just did what we can. But life is hers, we can’t force her to live when she already choose to be dead, but when the smallest creature was struggling hard to survive, why choose to die when you are still the lucky one? Lucky because you know that she is not the one for you after 2 years, but not after 5 years, after marriage, girl, you are lucky.


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