Switched to E620,D50. (And my recently move)

Wow, it hace been long time since last time I update my blog,months have passed and upon this few months I have made some really big change and purchase in gears. I know there are all not that expensive and just a standard grade lenses, but money made a student passion, I guess this is all about. First of all, due to the weight of the e30, I have switched to e620 with really big regretness. Why? Not because of the size of the viewfinder,not because of the buffer,not of the other thing but only two things that make me think this might be the worst machine that Olympus ever produced! So what is the deal that big? First, is the accuracy of the white balance. Damn, E620 really sucks in this, white balance never get me right. Second, the COLOUR!! The colour is one of the strength of Olympus camera but e620 is not shine in this respect, anyway this few day I use Vivid and this help a lot. Well, I have to said that colour preference might vary from one to another but E620 is really not my cup of cappuccino. As for the AF performance, I am not really doted on this as I never really going into fast AF,and this is not the reason why I choose Olympus, but I can said E30 AF performance is better than E620. The E620 was so bad until that I think that I might got a faulty unit. Along with E620, I have purchased ZD25mm 2.8, ZD 40-150 MK2. Well, this is my second time to purchase the ZD tele kit since I sold mine with E510 last time. In my E510 era I never appreciated this lenses as at that time I understand nothing about photography. But the time I used this ZD40-150,it is really nice I can say,the size,image quality and the BOKEH! I have shoot numerous potrait with my girlfriend the output come out shining and really nice, astounding but I can’t share it here as it is all my personal collection :P.
But the bokeh really really nice especially zoom out at the max,aperture at the min. NICE! I will share more after this but not this time. Here is some images that I created last time.

As for the ZD 25mm I never light anything about it except bokeh. The bokeh characteristic is really something but the excessive distortion is really too much to be annoying, I like the focal length,25mm x 2 = 50mm and here we come a normal lenses,even F2.8 is not enough though. One funny thing when I get this lenses(Please noted that it come with me together with my E620),it is the first lenses that I attached to my E620, I shoot a few photos and zoomed in and discover that image is not sharp and detailed, I am worrying that it might be the body problem, but after I attached my ZD35mm macro , the result is really breathtaking, it is nothing wrong with the ZD25mm but I am just spoilt by the incredible of the ZD 35mm macro,until that I thought every lenses is this sharp. I have shot numerous pic with the d25mm anyway, i will share on my other post not too long (I hope). Anyway, sue to some unexpected accident, I have sold my ZD35mm,ZD25mm,ZD 40150mm and Nissin DI466,and left only 1442 and E620 in that time, seriously funding. Really a bad time as I dont play around with my cam that often since the ZD 35mm macro have been sold,as my primary credit goes to macro work. Anyway, I have just purchase a Nikon D50 along with 18-105,50mm 1.8D and a nissin DI622. The reason why I purchase the D50 and the lenses will be explained in my next entry as well. But with some new purchase, I just purchased ZD 40150 MK1(Yes! Attracted by the faster spec! And the previous usability), and a mysterious Macro lenses,lets stay tuned and see what I have purchased (supposed the lenses will reach today but screw that pos laju delayed my parcel). Ok,lets hope that I will continue to add my entry tomorrow,good night pal (even there is no one reading though).


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