Me and Nikon

Noted: This is happened two week before, now D50 sold already.

I thought that I can’t never buy back my tools that I have sold, because macro is my primary work (not doing great though), so I make a move to purchase a trusty old Nikon DSLR D50,this is really an old camera, but just like what I have said, I don’t care the camera is old, because most of the time, I am just stick to low based ISO and not really using high AF speed. I have done a lot of research before buying the Nikon system, what make me hold my step was the high price equipment (lenses, flash and other accessories), and also quite limited. What I mean limited here is the inconvenience when you decided to use old manual lenses on entry level Nikon body,well, D50 is just a basic camera,some even more basic has no built in auto focus motor so those ‘D’ lenses can not autofocus on it. Fortunately my D50 has built in the focusing motor but hey man! , it canl;t do metering with those Nikon Ai/AIS lenses! Shit man! I don;t understand, why can’t it do the metering right? Not even spot or centre weight metering,you have to guess every exposure of every frame, this is just waste of shutter count and time, needless to mention if the time is precious, you can do nothing except letting the moment to slip away.

Well, I have use it for two days and decided to sell it,why? First is my personal financial still not stable enough. Second is the resolution is really not enough for me. I thought that this is not a big deal before but after being spoilt by the superb resolution of my E30 and ZD 35mm macro, I decided to sell it. 6MP simply not sweet enough. I admit that I don’t print my image in large size but I do prefer a camera that can provide me better resolution,who like a picture that will blurred when you magnified it? I have too bought the Nikkor 50mm f1.8D,Nikkor 18-105 and Nissin Di622 flash. I was far impressed by the normal lenses and the flash, small money do big  thing,really bang of bucks.

Just some test candid shots,but first appear that the resolution not up to what I have expected so I just let it go. But generally speaking,my first attempt to Nikon was  very very positive and sophisticated, Nikon do really impressed me a lot this time. Especially the focusing speed,even this is a old machine but the focusing speed is fast enough for most of my shooting habit. I have not really test the 18-105 but even the focusing noise is minimal but there is some annoying ‘electic’ sound when you focus. About noise level it is not really to comment it is already a trusty machine. But the colour and jpeg have let me down as I assume this is one of the very best Nikon true colour(using CCD which renowned by Nikon user). I love the handling of the camera anyway, the hand grip is sufficient and enough space for you to hold,the weight is ok too. But when junk with 18-105 is really big. Oh yeah,there is one thing I don’t like of the 50mm, the Bokeh is really not that astounding when you stopped down.

I can’t denied that I love Olympus the most but this time this little old machine has really impressed me. The third reason why I sell it out is mainly due to insufficient money to buy the Tamron SP90,so if  I can;t do macro, I don;t care if it has the most speedy Af performance or ISO performance, macro and nature is the only of the three reason I am into this hobby (Record those around me is the main reason though) . I won’t conclude that I will not go back to Nikon though. Cause next February I will sell my E620 to one of my never met before friend,and I will have no camera body to match my lenses, and I left a nikon mounted lenses and flash. So, who knows what I will going to?


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