Bokeh – The addicted disfocusing

Bokeh often related to the blurred part or not in focused part that exhibit a phenomena which is quite beatiful and pleasing. Anywhere, least of us will take note on the quality of the bokeh. Fast lenses like F1.4 or F2.8 (in tele) can exhibit nice Bokeh but characteristic of the bokeh is vary from lenses to lenses. I tested my recently heavy used lenses, 105mm with the bokeh quality wide open and stopped down. Here comes the result.

The bokeh performance is really bad, I have never encountered this problem when I am using Zuiko range, didn’t meaned that Zuiko is better than Nikkor,but the bokeh quality of my Zuiko lenses that I have used before,all turned out lovely.

Once again for bokeh holic 🙂 (Anyway,I have to admit that sometime it is very hard to justify the bokeh quality when wide open)

Thanks! I shall include some macro work in my next entry,I hope so!


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