Sharp lenses,contrasty lenses

What lenses do you think I shoot this with?

Few days ago when I looked through those pictures I took in past, I found this picture and I post it into my facebook, and ask my friends or the members of particular group, what lenses do you think I took this photo? Ok,before I reveal the answer, those who are reading this post,what are you thinking of the image above?How is the bokeh appear to you? How is the sharpness? All right, another question, what camera do you think I use when I shoot this picture?Lets start from brand first,canon? Nikon? Leica? Panasonic? Olympus? Sony? Pentax? What model is that? If I say I took it using Nikon D3s,you might said,WOW! This is really a D3s( I am not saying that my picture is georgeous), If I say it is from compact camera,people might say, 😦 Poor Dynamic range. So what now? The answer from my fellow friend really impressed me and made my day. Some said this is from Nikkor lenses 135mm f2 and 105mm f2 DC (WOW O.o),some said this is Carl Zeiss 50mm,wow,and also some said this might be from Noctilux! Shit,my whole system is even cheaper than a Noctilux ==!!, too there is ZUIKO DIGITAL 150MM F2!!!!! WOW!!!!!! This is the lenses which people named it God of the Zuiko Digital,not only the price, but the superlative optical and mechanicm as well. Well. this is actually I took with my Olympus E1 and Zuiko OM 50mm 1.8… Well,many of them have guess it wrongly since I stated there purposely :’Only one lenses can exhibit this kind of Bokeh, guess what is it’, that is why most of them think that this must be a expensive lenses WITHOUT judge from the picture. In other words, we can’t tell if this is a good lenses or not from the picture, many of us,yes including me judging the picture fromt he price of the particular tools and gears that have been used. So, what can we pleased and treasure when we have several lenses, ok, some of them have TONNES of lenses in their collection. When they heard someone said this is a good lenses,this lenses sharp from wide open, they want to own it, and after they use it,they will followed what most people said,THIS IS TRULY A GOOD LENSES! But what if I shoot same picture with 2 different lenses at same setting,can you justify it? Can I justify it as well? I don;t think so,seriously. I am enjoying my dirt cheap Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 lately,with minor fungus spot. But I enjoy using it than any lenses that I have in my shelve, The bokeh to my eyes at least,nice. Sharpness not there but enough, and I like the compactness and the way it make me force to manual focus so I can ‘think’ more before I shoot. I love this lenses than I can do,even though not as much as how deep I fell in love with my previously owned Zuiko Digital 35mm macro. Many critic other’s photography,over exposed,under exposed, composition, but for me, how a photographer control the light, the content of the picture, and the feeling of the picture that give to the audience is so much more important. Not every picture have to be taken in the same way,same rule. No,we come here mean to break the rule, create something new, we don’t copy, there is no rules for us to follow,there are only guideline, we can choose to follow or ignore, we can make everything. Come on, this is not something like when you passed your answer paper to your teacher,your teacher have to mark your paper with the answer sheet,no,this is not. Beautiful or not, it is in the eyes of the beholder and photographer. Some shoot those photograph which many of us can’t appreciate and enjoy, but heck,this is what they love to do,and doing happily into. So I think people A or people B should not come and say,I think your subject is too centre. It will be better if you can move it close to the rules of third. No, shouldn’t be. The most important thing, in fact is how the photographer present the photograph to people. This is all.
Sorry for too much bullshit in my entry this time, but at least this is what I think. For me, if not in a excessive way,slightly under or over exposed should not become a problem. What is in the picture that make you appreciate it, isn’t it?


P/S: But htere is one people who can guess it right,capin,I salute you 🙂


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