With my brother Canon A720IS

Yesterday when I am going out with my elder brother, I am waiting him in the car (He has something to do), as I am too bored, I took his compact camera and went out of the car and hoping that there is at least something I can shoot to. It is in the street but my shots just not those glamour leica street shots,just some shot that can spend my time on. Cheers.

P:s/Not all taken at the same day,some took before this but by me and the same small but trusted Canon A720Is.

I pointed up and find some nice composition,and kacha

Some might look down on compact camera but that is not me. Before using DSLR,I have tried numerous of compact camera,from low to high end and those ‘bridge camera'(actually few of them), and used them everyday in my life. No one can kill their compactness, not even a Pen or Nex.

Slightly contrast adjust..

One of the major problem that using compact camera in the sunlight condition place is it is very hard for me to look at the screen and the viewfinder is practically useless. I have had a pretty hard time to compose my image as I can’t see them clearly. This is the area which I think those later model can easily throw A720IS away.

Hard to compose the image through the highly reflective screen

The zoom range is something that I love. Even though it does not come with a wide angle (Only 36mm if I remember correctly),but the zoom range is quite versatile,yes,there is some softness especially when you zoomed it to the max,but this is not where the camera designed for. I am not expecting those count feather quality in this small package ๐Ÿ™‚

Only allowed slim santa to go in

No one need a beautiful screen(at least for me),but we do need a accurate screen,which display accurate colour and exposure. This is where my Oly DSLR always failed me ๐Ÿ˜ฆ



I shoot some structure work this time,as you can see when I shoot this white thing under harsh light,I can’t really know if the camera giving me right exposure or not…

Reverse parking only please


When we resize our image,it is hard for us to tell whether the image is soft or not. I think this is where we usually use our camera for. Not really go for large print. Just seeing them through computer monitor. After resize or some web use, all compact camera do the jb,rite? ๐Ÿ˜€


One thing to get the thin Depth of field which exhibit max blur is that you can use all of your zoom in capability and go as near as you can.

Edited,black and white converted only

As I said before, it is very difficult to get what I want in strong light,I cant really see the screen,but the exposure is really dependable in this small camera.

horizontal line adjusted,as what I want is already in my head but I am hard to get it right,the screen T.T

Some flowers perhaps?

Locked door,Black and white converted

I love this!

And after this we go to our regularly hang out place,which is actually a club near to beach. Noted that sunset picture is what I took before.

I ask the foreigner: May I take a photograph of this,and he smiled : SUre!

I asked him politely, can i take a photograph of it,he said can! Thanks man. I guess, how we request, asked or not asked, maybe an eye contact,but how you going to photograph them,communication is the most crucial segment, too, your attitude determine where you go, what you will get (Even in photography).

Space,Black and white converted

WAlk, Black and white converted, i love this

Nowadays, I started to include human factor and elements in my picture. This is what I never did before as I only shoot still life(macro) and pattern thing. Maybe one day I will going into street photography as well.

I love my country

I hope to give you clear view of the beach but forgive my skill.

Tele Sunset, slightly contrast adjustment

I am not going into landscape,so treat this as some snapshots only as I cant see through he screen as well. But the image stabellizer work very well!

Wide sunset

This encounter with the small camera is really a enjoyable moment and I no need to lug around a DSLR as this is really too tricky and problematic for me. I am selling my gears now,and perhaps one day, I might going into Micro 4/3 or Xz family? I hope so. Compactness is what I am hoping for so long. If XZ-2 come with a 24mm lenses, I tell you, I will get one.


One thought on “With my brother Canon A720IS

  1. Stunning picture especially the one with the pot and the locked door. The pot gave me an impression of the old day and it’s kind of retro-scenery that you hardly see in the modern world today.

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