Sink beneath people’s memory -Forgotten phone

Last time I can remembered when I using this phone is in my secondary school era.

When I go and look for my just borned little cousin last night, I have found two public telephone which require you to put coin into it and make a call. Wao! It has been long time I have not see it around,or maybe it is just me? Everyone look at their phone,and who will actually go and see or notice those thing we don’t really need again in our life. I found it interesting and sorry I can’t make a good shot of the phone that night, my lenses have manual lenses have some focussing issue and this is the best I can shoot. From what I have heard from my eldest brother, last time when they are still a kid, and it is almost 1980s day,it happened to be many telephone card left on the public phone,and for those telephone card collector like him, will actually go and take those special edition one and collect. Even until now, he has a remarkable collection of telephone card,and he is still interested in it. As far as I know. there is some card that my cousin bring for him from overseas, I think those no value card (after people have used up the credit in it) will be something that full of memory and meaningful for those elder, that is the way they make call.and collect those item. What people always say? Memory in childhood is the most treasure and value one, I guess this is the case.


But time passes by and everythinghas changed, today is already 2011 and another 6 days,we will be in the 2012 already. Now everyone,has at least a mobile phone, who bother to use this old things again? Or even noticed it when it is around the corner? Making picture of it, hoping one day later, I can tell my later generation,’see,this is public phone’.


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