It is sad when old memories have to be remodel and become a shoplot that greater in money value,not the historical value,let me remind some place like Pudu prison that gone in few past years.

When I am young,I always wondering at this place. As arguably all the best food in Miri is located in this area,but like 6 to 5 year past government start to remodel this place.

It is a good morning when I seen this and with my camera by my side, I attached the 14-42 kit lenses and start shoot the place, it is vital that one should carry his camera all the time with him,as we don’t know when will be the next magic or golden photo opportunity appeared.

I slipped into this restricted area (which they covered and closed this area with ‘atap’ to ensure people’s safety’, and start snapping picture of it while I am in rushing.

There is a mess all around the floor, as I recalled early, there is at least 2 chinese traditional herb shop here,and one photo studio(Lido,which now relocated just beside this shoplot),and some other shop that I cant recall correctly.

I am not sure what is their fate,but just as I know from my elderly, my grandpa used to run a barber business in this shoplot,well, I am too young to see the shop.

About 2 and half years ago,I always bring my dad’s Olympus U410(Which I named it forten) and wandering around the town and do some snapshots, I almost do it everyday.Missed those day badly! Which I make photograph purely unrelated to tools, compare to today, I have slowly became a gear head after owning few compact and DSLR,and now I slowly drive according to the trail.

This is the shots that I shot 2 and half years ago,a chinese traditional herb shop,by Olympus U410

It is hard for us to go back,while forced to moving forward

I have done this photoshoot like one month before but only now I have the time to share with you all. Hope you love the shots


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