Adolescent Happiness

Foccusing issue with my unmodified old manual lenses

This is my very first attempt to do street shooting,as I mentioned in previous post,I am urgely interested in street photographing, while hope to bring special impact to my photograph. Although I am not doing great in it since I am still very fresh in street photographing, but everytime that I approached people and ask the permission to been photographed is just fun and nice. This is the opportunity that one learn to approach people,and learn something with great impact through photograph, understand human and culture then social, needless to mention it is free and FUN!

Focussing issue while I am using my manual lenses which has some focussing issue

This is a hot day and near Chinese new year,while I am going to COD with a lenses buyer,while my buyer can’t make it on time, so I fill the time with doing some street shooting, the outcome is not really nice as both of the shots are out of focus,this is forgiveable though as I am still fresh and get panic when he is so friendly to let me photograph him. He is playing the ‘pop’ when I am around him and he keep laughing, I know many will look down at them or even run away from them, I choose to approach him and ask for photo opportunity, he accept and posing for me. What a friendly guy! I can tell you that my very first attempt to street shooting is very encouraging. I will do a lot in future, I mean A LOT! I am loving it.
Guys,what I get from both of the photograph, if he can be that happy, why can’t we?


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