Can’t sleep well lately

2am, and he is still on the line

Too bad, I can’t fall asleep as I wish,I can’t control my sleep . Too many albatross trying to disturb me while I am trying to sleep, I wish that I can not to think, but they just think what they wish to think.

Roast Coffee


So what are those albatross that pop out in my head? I did mentioned before in my previous post that I will sell out my Olympus E620 in this month end. I am not quitting photography so I have to find another substitute to become my primary tools. I have sold all my lenses last year as I have some unexpected problem and make me financial unstable, willing or not I have to let go my beloved Zuiko Digital lenses,ZD1442 Kit,ZD40150,ZD25mm and my true love ZD 35mm Macro  ,I truly miss my ZD35,the sharpest and the lenses that accompany me from E1 to E30 and to E620. And now, as I already sold off all my Zuiko Digital AF lenses, I am only using Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 SFX manual lenses (modified to auto aperture and infinity focusable ) anyway,the lenses is in marking condition, I bought it with very cheap price, but the image come out seriously satisfying! I can said that this is among the cheapest lenses that I bought,but among the most satisfied lenses that I have ever owned! No,it is not as sharp as my ZD 35mm and helios 58mm or any other lenses that I have ever owned before,but the picture I shot wide open is perfectly more than useable.


As the Bokeh come out is nice too,at f2 plus Olympus four third sensor,DOF is enough. Anyway, the reason which make me fall in love with this mamiya sekor prime is not because of the brand nor sharpness but the contrast and tonal the lenses produce is absolutely different from other lenses that I have ever owned, I am not sure is this Leica alike image quality but personally, I love the outcome!

Seen and unseen

I won’t be hestitate to use this lenses wide open and the colour which this lenses produce with some white balance(if you use correctly in E620) will produce the picture that very nice colour and quality.I can’t really recommend much,but do judge the outcome by yourself, I told my roommate, the very first picture I shot with this lenses combine with E620 surprised me a lot. And from the very first picture, I knew that this mamiya sekor lenses is definitely different from my other lenses that I ever used.

I can’t imagine what if this lenses ever paired with Olympus E1 that I ever use? It must be truly breath taking! Needless to say the tonal range Olympus E1 produce is truly one of the legend! If I am not mistaking, those can come close to its tonal range capability is Konica Minolta 5D. This lenses Is superb, it is hard to focus though,the focusing ring is really too harsh and stiff, the tunnel alike Olympus viewfinder surely made manual focus a miserable task.

By Nikkor 105mm 2.8D Micro


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