Boleh saya ambil gambar kamu orang? 🙂

Very often, I admire the scenery that include people in hardwork,don’t know why,but the spirit that they carry out,the soul and the benefits that they bring to our society and nation is undeniable yet powerful,but somehow,forgotten and been looked down by the people.
I don’t know when do I start loving to do street shooting and photographing the stranger,but I can say that process to approach people and doing something challenging,and discovered something that special and power to capture, too, needless to mention the process that you spot a ‘decisive’ moment and press the shutter,the picture pop out,and everything is really a fun,a superb fun! I do love macro too and abstract work, street shooting is another new attempt which I am just starting to do and still many to learn and many to improve.
I don’t shoot those really nice picture,maybe there is but not many, but I do shoot regularly,which is very often, I took out my camera and do shooting. I do discovered many thing,and too, I do improving!
I will update my wordpress as soon as I can. I apology if I can’t update it that often as my school and the place where I study do not allowed me too online that rapid.


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