Trip to Taman Tanjung Pedada (1)

My friends,on the way going to jetty

On 2 February, me and my friend dated and wish to go to the another can considered as ‘island'(or other side of Mukah,which is my place of study),it can considered as a mystery trip because only few of my school mate ever went to that place,so after some ittemediate planning while in class, we decided to go there with 5 people in a group and explore the place. Taman Tanjung Pedada, located ‘opposite’ of the jetty of Mukah,near but there is a long river lying in the middle of them,so willing or not we have to use a boat as a medium to reach there.

Friends in boat

Very simple and cheap actually if we want to reach Taman Tanjung Pedada(actually better suit if called it is a Kampung actually), just pay Rm0.40 per person to the ‘boatman’ and he will bring you across the river,but not that simple, We nego with the boatman and offer rm10 in a return he bring us in boat until river mouth of Mukah and coming back again. As too much of the photo sharing,I decided to divided this blog entry in to two parts (1) and (2), in first entry will be the pure boat trip while another consist of the trip at Taman Tanjung Pedada.

The mentioned 'boatman'

Athan,my recent known friend

The boat is abit too ‘adventure’ to been ride at first, as none of us except my friend ‘ahbdian’ get used to riding on boat,we these town/city man seriously lacking of the experience riding on a boat. And I am pretty sure too that this boat is not comply any of the safety rules as there is no life jacket provided in the boat, this is very dangerous if anything happened, those can’t swim will sleep beneath this river. The boat itself is not stable and if you can’t keep the weight for both of the side balanced enough, you will feel like the boat will been in great danger in any time.

Sitting at boat

Boat at the river

Nothing come near as hard as shooting using a fully manual lenses on a Digital body,with small viewfinder as my Olympus E620. Things get even worse if everything have to been done in speed. I have been fooled by the E620 monitor with showing under picture most of the time but in real life it is already in correct expousure. This is really inconvenient as the manual lenses always provide incorrect metering value to fool the camera metering system. So the slightly under or exposed photos will often come out, it is ok if you use spot metering and made some +- Ev ( I use aperture priority for most of the time,or all the time),but when you have to made the change in second or speed (as photographing oppurtunity often slip in another blink of eyes),the moving boat simply won’t give me extra thing for adjusting the setting.

Village beside river

This boat trip will cost you RM10(for 5 people,so one pupil is RM2) and about 14 minutes.Very enjoyable although will get some littly dizzy in time.
Even though the Mamiya Sekor 50mm F2 sx causing many problem in expousure metering system,but the result seriously nice and the oscassionally over exposed picture, the lenses can hold the detail in bright and dark area nicely, not only the E620 dynamic range help this but this Mamiya Sekor do really hold detail in blth bright and dark region more than lenses that I used before.

3 Boat


As a fish village and village that surrounded by water, fishing is their primary income, so it is not surprise when along the river,we can see boats everywhere.

Boat at river mouth

Almost River mouth

We support... OOOps


Mangkuk Hidup

Please wait me to upload my part 2 in another entry which mostly focus on the trip at Taman Tanjung Pedada. Thanks for your time!
I ended this blog entry with the picture ‘boat of the day’. 🙂

Boat of the day,haha


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