Trip to Taman Tanjung Pedada (2)

Taman Tanjung Pedada

Inconjunction with my previous post, the ‘Trip to Taman Pedada (1), I will continue to extend my second entry which involve more of the trip at Taman Tanjung Pedada. Actually, what make the TTP so special is the small bridge around the ‘island’. It is really hard to describe but imagine an island surrounded by wooden bridge,and you can walk and cycle on the bridge to have a walk and enjoy the sight seeing.

The wooden bridge

It is a very long bridge and we did not manage to finish the whole trip of the bridge as we have are running out of time. But I can say this trip is definitely worth it as we can really near the mother nature. Air is clean and fresh,you can see monkey hold on the tree branch,you can see unknown species fish or toad in the water (below the bridge is water, beside the bridge is tree and river),very good place for hanging out or clear your mind. The place is near silent in contrast of the noise in crowded place/city. If you are always aiming for the place that has tall building and beautiful landmark, this place is definitely not for you, but if you wish to clear your mind, searching for inspiration and relax or go to have a walk with better half,this is the right place for you. Birds are chirping, and insects are whining, purely relaxing.


Fishing Net


Bokeh leaf-this is out of focus,selected wrong sample,I have a in focus sample.

At first we are actually went there on behalf of the rumours ‘Museum’ is located at there,but after questioned some villagers there,they said there is no such museum at there. Just when we thought we have to give up searching for the museum,we walked around the village and I asked a guy anything that we can get fun in this place,he said there is a path and many animal there (he is a friendly but like to trick people),we followed the path,and there is a house with rabbit,monkey and goose.

Taman Tanjung Pedada

Rabbit in cage 2

Angry monkey

And they (another friendly person) told us a way which we can walk and have sightseeing in this place,that is how we found the wooden bridge,which hide in the jungle.


Unknown leave

There is always a rest station once you walk every 5 minutes.


Bicycle close up

There is many picture that I took but can’t share here because I am at my brother computer to type this entry and I have those pictures in my laptop.

Cycling on the wooden bridge

And I sell my friends here ^^


My friend - Tney (Pronounced Teney)

Roomate and Good friend of mine - Hu

Funny guy - Lau (Often called as Ahbudian (or Abu),or ho seen ( Fly)

We talk a lot of funny stuff thereand laughing all along the trip, I really have good time,but I sure will visit this place for second time in the early of the day as I can imagine hw beautiful it was when it is in mist.

Nokia N70

Web Leaf

Cycling on the bridge 2


And there is a ‘farm’ which breed chicken and goat,we walked there and took some photograph,after that we take the boat again to go to town.

Olympus plus Mamiya Sekor combination, I always love the colour.


Hen brooding the egg


Despite of the crudity using manual lenses,the outcome really shining, I hope I can share more pictures with you on next post,which contain a short review. Thanks for reading. 🙂


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