Trip to Kampung Petanak

Lotus Leaf

Kampung Petanak is a village that located at Mukah town. The most interesting landmark should be the home is built on the water (rumah tinggi,which have’ leg’ and stand on the water),villager make fishing for living,and almost every one of them own a boat ( As far as I know,the boat is used to fishing purpose and especially useful while Pesta Kaul Festival (A festival which fisherman feed the Sea God to ensure their safe,held annually or 2 times a year,very big and happening event in there). And too, there is a wooden bridge which is very long,we took 13 minutes walk whole bridge (which we walk quite fast as we are chasing time), I don’t have much of photo of the landscape there because I only have the Mamiya Sekor 50mm f2(which can considered as 100mm in Olympus 2X crop factor format). Simply not wide enough for me to include the landscape, so I just shoot some that I can do. There is row of wooden house near one side of the bridge,another side is river (There is people living at there too),and about every 30 meter there is a bridge which link both of the side. Place is very nice and peace although the water is not clean and clear (which is quite dark in colour, as my friend told me the unclear water is caused by the mangrove tree).

Water level is not really deep,as you can see from the picture. The small house is a toilet which they built above water.

The toilet is seperated from the house and creatively built,haha.. The feeling is nice peeing in the nature way.
I live at my friend (Athanasius if you refer to my orevious post),his family are very friendly indeed, and he is not living there by the way, we just visit there and in coincidence his family is also visit there by the time,so we do have chance to visit there. Meal was prepared nicely and really delicious,there is Umai(Blend of uncooked fish-like sushi,onion and some lime,very delicious!),Belacan (which two type of it, one is fried and another one is non-fried type),fish,soy sauce chicken,Very nice! And the portion is many, they cooked two bucket of rice (use two rice cooking machine).Picture and colour is not nice as I get panic when shooting these picture,shutter speed is simply too low and my friend’s relative is still having their meal,forgive the lousy picture.



Umai- My favourite Melanau food!


Wet type belacan,often eat together with cucumber.


Kerang, my friend and his family favourite food.


Soy sauce chicken,not that nice in my honest opinion.

I love Melanau or tribute food, I don;t know other, but range of food that I can accept is really big, I am brave enough to try every food. Some may racistly consider other races food is dirty or not delicious,looked nasty or simply look down at there food, I am not one of them and think that their food are really wonderful! Besides food,there is some place which is quite good and the boat is beautiful. Even my friend’s relative own a boat, and breed some dark and chicken as well.

My friend's relative breeded chicken


Little duck in cage


Little duck in cage 2,very cute

I do think that youngster nowadays are really too dependent and not innerdirected and have no mind of their own. This is not good, spending too much time on facebook,on facebook they share everything,make themselves know as much thing as God,make themselves as moral as Confusious, treat themselves like they never did anything wrong,look others like fool, like things a lot but all of these never make them really nice in real life. They might causing second of themselves,which one is in real life,and another one is them in cyberworld. This is really not good and healthy, creating a sucks society as everything is spread in facebook and net nowadays. People lacking communication in real life, and we just spending too much time in front of the computer regardless what kind of activity it is, what I want to say here is, we should spend more time outdoor, and understand the society and culture.There is some beautiful flower and sightview as well.

Kid on boat - quite common at there anyway, for the first time of my life seeing kid play this as riding bicycle really make me : Walau A


Kid on boat - quite common at there anyway, for the first time of my life seeing kid play this as riding bicycle really make me : Walau A


Sister on Sampan - This is sampan which is not rely on motor to become power supply.


A old guy choping wood for become support for the ladder in the water.


Boat in black water


Ready to cycling


Swallow house - Can see this everywhere in Sarawak now,even beside the wooden bridge,there is one.



What's up DOc?

Rusty Bicycle




Green green


Want a cendol or ABC?


Chair outside


Unique house at there,beside the bridge,there is another bridge in front of the house




the wooden bridge



They do breed some animal and pet as well. In common, they breed monkey,duck,chicken and some pigeon and mynah as well.

Monkey - What is outside the world


Chicken king,very big in size



And the second day,the climax! We go fishing,and first time in my life. Although we ended up only caught one lobster(?) at last,but the experience is really nice,we take off the cloth and enjoy the sun there. Not only that, we have a lot of fun there and keep joking,really sophiscated.

My roomate fishing


Our snack while fishing, Kuaci or known as sunflower seed.




<a href=”;

Prawn as bait

Lobster! yeah!!! Maybe not those expensive lobster.


And we go back after that, I found out I love to do outdoor activity. I hope I can attend more and share more with all of you, my photographing skill is not good, but I have done all I can. Please leave comment ya if you have visited my blog,to encourage me 🙂


They do plant some beautiful flower as well, and photo as an beautiful ending


Halo flower


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