Recent Black and white Work


I always wish to do landscape even though I am very sucks in it. With a 50mm(35mm format equiv lenses),I manage to shoot this while hanging out with my friends in Miri Hilltop.

I am always not doing great or good enough in photography, I am always looking for improovement. I shoot everyday, everyday, I faced my imperfect works, and continue doughty to shoot again tomorrow….

Mickey mouse,I shot this once I received my lenses in a air ticket booking shop in my hometown.World most well known cartoon in past. And Walt Disney simply is a legend,born of Mickey mouse is a legend as well.

Old Kopitiam,I shoot this just today morning, where located in Miri town,a very old shop. Although cleanliness always became an issue for this shop,the food there is marvellously nice!

Bunches against blue sky - I love to photographing bunches against blue sky,don't know why. but seems like one of my favourite subject although I already have many similar one in my collection.

Against light - I test mu new lenses flare resistance capability one day and shoot this picture.

A very old building in our town.Bored night,Bokeh windscreen - There is one night, I see tiny rain 'pouring' on the car windscreen,irresistable, I took this photo.


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