Everyday is lesson to our life,and we have to take our whole life to graduate.

I shot five expousure of these,but only combine three expousures.

There is time where our camera have reach to their limit, our human do have limitation anyway too. When speaking about detail in highlight and shadow area (which is over expourse and under expourse),no camera can match this HDR image combination technique which consisits of combination of at least three kind of expoures(over,correct and under expoursed image). Af ter combine three image shot under same spot together,we can cover the detail of  shadow until highlight area,this is just something that even big camera sensor can’t do,yes, even Fujifilm S5pro and pentax K5 have to admit this, needless to say the tiny sensor in my compact camera.

Well, I have to admit that in my 3 years of shooting period, I never really approached to HDR technique as I don’t have a tripod. but today when i jogged to the regular beach spot, I found out that maybe I have to try some new thing, I know this is not a perfectly good ot good image to shown in front of my readers, I dare to embrassed myself with this no-good image because I do believe that everyone have their first attempt to do something, it is not about ‘right’ or ‘wrong’,it is about have you step out your first step to try something different instead of remain as a ‘safety-you’.

In the nearly future, if i can get a cheap tripod (I mean real dirt cheap as I really don’t want spend more in photography nowadays,really going very sloooooow(maybe stop :P) ),I might try more in landscape shooting and HDR iamge.

Well,today I have learned alot of thing. How many times often we complained on other people? I mean when you think that somebody have done something which is not comply with your perception supposed to be a wrong thing,then this is surely a damn people, right? ‘he is just so mean!’,’he is wrong,he should not do that!’,but hey guys, you are evaluating them,so they are actually evaluating you as well. So,are you really that qualified to been put into test? Are you that perfect God? You never did wrong and when you have made some shit,don’t you pray for forgiveness and understanding? So generally speaking,we should already know how people feel and everyone DESERVED a chance! And seriously, we are not that much better than the people that we yell and complained if not worse than. After all,we are just human being isn’t it? Can’t we be more generous among human being. I love Jordan chan song ‘ Huang dou'(Yellow bean) lyric ehich said “we are just yellow bean why fight among each others?’.

i shoot the sun! Anyway,this is not HDR.

Allrite, I have been complained by one of my trusted friend today,this seriously make me down. Allrite, I done something that I think it is ok to everyone in this 3 years campus time and he told me, actually he is extra uncomfortable and dislike but they never told me. Damn,He is not rude when expressed it out but defin itely not that soft, allrite,this seriously make my feeling and I think there is some wall between us which is just really too hard to break. Well,this is not the only issue which build up the wall anyway. Seriously my beautiful readers, it is cruel but it is true,the more you expect the more you will disappointed, the more you doted,the more you will get shit,especially in relationship with human. Ask yourself,don’t we just make friend with those agree with us? those you think is ‘same head’ with you and suit you,but when somehow when one day the ‘super friend’ get disagree with you or against you, and here come again the conflict. I am not a phyycology nor a expert in human relationship management, but I am just shared what I experienced. One thing that youngster like me must admit is that we should learned from others and when you think you have already know alot from you thousands facebook and twitter’s friends, you are always wrong when come to real life,this is life,not a social network,if you think that immersed yourself in front of the computer and you have already know everything you just don;t know anything, we should live our life,we just live once,don;t we? When come to end of our life, believe me,you won;t give a F about you are not enough time computerizing and facebooking.

My beautiful readers,we are just human,isn’t it?


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