Recent shots (Warning :From a non-photographer guy)

I would like to share some of my shots that I took this few weeks which I found no time to post in this time. I would like to personally share the very first pic,the black corn,which from China cost rm 3 each. Not tasty seriously, I personally think that the normal yellow corn taste much nicer 😀

And some of my other shots..

Silhouette and black and white tree.

This is a combination of 3 image which named HDR technique just like above black and white tree..

With compact camera,I managed to shoot with much less pressure, I can shoot just the way I like. nOT THE WAY ‘SUPPOSED TO BE”.

Grass at the corner

Like son like moon

Black dots

By using compact camera, one can shoot freely and for normal daily use,we can enjoy acceptable image quality with packful features and versatile lenses.

Push me hard

Point and line,with wide angle view,

line and line and line

No more a guy which love to do macro photography,just a little big guy bringing compact camera with him everywhere. Anyway, I broke my Acer 4736g AND ALL MY SHOTS WHICH TAKEN PAST YEARS HAVE BEEN GONE JUST LIKE THAT 😦 But it is ok,I guess that God wish to let me to have a good start again.

so called waterfall,haha

There is always another ways for us to look at a same thing 🙂

Simply play with frame technique

Dog frame,in past,I thought that every shaken image is a bad picture,and for now,i think it just have to bring out the feel and message,then it wont be a bad picture. As long as you shoot it with your true heart and effort.

You are free than what you think,actually the ‘barrier’ is broken,but you are the one whom willing to been tied.

Spider web

3d or not?

White white green

Back light..hehe

Dahan putih dan hitam

Who said compact camera cannot do Bokeh?

Tell us number

He came towards me

Actually I do found out that if the compact camera can make some good close focusing when zoom to the max,I think this will be a good macro machine…

pink in white

Green in white

Shot this in rush,if i go too near the uncontrollable compact camera flash will destroy the picture,maybe i can make some DIY macro lightning diffuser next time.

Empty bottle

Fish,but a on the cooking list one.

White with pink

White one

And I love this pink flower so much..

Pink again


Wide angle

HDR effect without combining image with different expousoure

Blue wall

Blue sea with yellow dolphin



Everyone should have a green heart

Corrupt dog


Enjoy my friends 🙂


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