Miri Lambir Waterfall

Last Friday,15 june 2012,me and few of my good friend visit Miri Lambir Waterfall in conjunction of my good friend Ah Chai come from Sibu to Mirijust to meet us old friend. He is so heartful,how can we as an organizer spoilt his trip? So I have arranged a one day trip for him,as he loved nature as well.

The front of lambir starting point..

But sadly,typical Malaysian,as a tourist spot,although should be operate on 8am,but we wait until 8.30am and I call him with ‘serious tone’,then just he come.

We aimed to finish all the trip but have to spent 4 hours just to there == Anyway,we want to finish it also,but something had happened ==!!!

Here is the map!

rules rules rules,help to protect our treasure together.

Actually when I am young like 9 years old, I have once visited this Lambir waterfall,I know that last time we just visit the nearest waterfall,and the land is quite smooth and no need hard effort,as I found out later,it actually is Latak Waterfall,which considered to be the nearest and most crowded waterfall.

The jungle outside the entrance,really nice!

A very special species of flora for me,I don’t know the name but it is very offensive stand up from the nude land beside it

The entrance

We pay m10 entrance fee and register your name with just writing down a name in the registration book,I have been told that if after 5pm participant haven’t come out from the jungle,they will take action. Let see just how true is it..

If you followed my blog,you sure know that I love to shoot jesus light,oh yeah,it is plenty of it!

The scenery and landscape is truly nice and took my breathe away,damn relaxing! Why? I left ll of my stress and dilemma at the entrance, and bring myself with a super relax mind in this one of the oldest forest,is truly amazing! The trekking is nice at the first,it is all flat and you can see two waterfall just before you reach ‘bigger waterfall’.

The wooden bridge appeared just after you enter the entrance door,and after this,there is a ‘shaken bridge’.

My friends walking following the trail.

Hehe,Jesus light strike everyway! Paradise

‘Peler’ kambing,haha!!!! Peler means penis in local language,haha!
It is the name of the tree anyway.

Actualy it is a paradise for those who know flora a lot. But for layman just like me and my friend,we aren’t enjoy the species of the flora much,but we do enjoy the nature! And the joy that trekking in the super natural jungle is truly a unforgettable moment.

One of the two mini waterfall that you can see before you reach Latak waterfall or any other big waterfall.

Just walking straight and there is a stair that require us to walk up or walk straight,thinking with common sense,we thought that walking through the stair will lead us to one of the big waterfall and walking straight wil lead us to other big waterfall,then my lasap mouth ask they permission to climb up the stair to go and see other waterfall,we climb the damn stiff hill,and the road is not even,we have to climb up and climb down numerous time T.T,with 2 bottles of 1500ml water in my beg and some of food and accessories, also my 113 kg of body weight,it really take my breath away. Not only me,my along friend show tired too,damn,why should I carry my friend’s water!! shit!
Then we reach a bigger waterfall than the mini waterfall,the Nibung waterfall,which is really beautiful,the water is as clean as Olympus Zuiko lenses! haha..ANd the water is cool,but some strange phenomena occured == my body have leak some how vapour or smoke,feel like burning,the heat come out from my body,seriously,you can really see smoke come out from my body.

See,I am not lying,water is as clear as Olympus Zuiko lenses! As I know,the fish in the water not scared on human,they just keep their position when you walked near them.

You can see smoke right,some of the smoke that you see is imitate smoke,haha,come out from my best friend cigarette, haha.sorry for the misleading.

Ever see a black and white jungle? 😛

life buoy have been prepared!


Yellow mushroom

We refuse to climb up again because we thought that there is only one waterfall upside there,so we followed the path how we come and we reach Latak Waterfall,and damn! Latak waterfall is the end of the path! Means if we want go to the farest waterfall, we have to climb up the stair and uphill and downhill numerous time again! No!!!!!!!

this is me that climbing down the stair,first time seeing me appeared in my blog? hehe..Please noted that only the starting have stair,other uphill and downhill is plain jungle trail. Hiking shoes is highly recommended!

My best friend that I know for more than ten years,my best friend since I am in primary school,look cute isn’t it? for those who interested,he is still SINGLE! Please contact me if interested 😛

I love Lambir national park! seriously!


Latak Waterfall,there is Brunei students which came to have activities at the waterfall. Some part of the waterfall is sealed,as I heard there is some accident happened at there.

It is all green isn’t it? I seriously recommended this place for those who love nature!

I love green!

Another mini waterfall that you can see before you entered Latak Waterfall.

As a camera guy, i am already get used to not involve into the photo..

See,big or not?

As we left earlier,and we failed to accomplished our goal,we visited Borneo Tropical Rainforest and Bungai Beach at Sibuti as well,which I will share it with my beautiful readers in the next entry. Yes,3 trip in a single day!

My beautiful readers, we only live once,don;t make our life just spending time in front of the computer every minutes,there is a lot of fun place and fun stuff out there,come on, go outside! See the green,forget all of the unhappy and uncertain things those currently happened in my life. Go and enjoy our mother nature!

I have no problem to recommend you Lambir National Park, as personally, I found that this is truly a amazing place that you can go at our own place, nice!

And my beautiful readers, I am sorry that I can’t provide you the photos of the trip until the biggest waterfall, but I promise I will back again to this paradise in short time and go to the best waterfall this time.

Without a proper tripod,it almost take my life to shoot a stable picture,i will get a cheap tripod tomorrow,and let me tell you,I will visit Niah cave in short period. Stay tuned! I will upload the entry about Bungai beach and Borneo Tropical Rainforest this few days.


4 thoughts on “Miri Lambir Waterfall

  1. fufufufu…i haven’t been here since i was 8 or 9 years old…now im 27!! a lot have change huh….u been to bungai beach? ever reach to tusan cliff? its beautiful over there.

    • Yup,we do visited the bungai beach but sadly it is when 12pm like that so there is really nothing to see under the harsh sunlight,few pictures were taken only. Tusan Cliff? I have never been there before,thanks for the tips! will try to organise a trip there!

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