Borneo Tropical Rainforest and Logging activity around it

First of all, I have to state clearly that this is not a tour guide or any other guide to promote the Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort to my readers, in fact I have no powerful and sufficient amount of pictures to qualify enough to promote the place. And personally think that Borneo Tropical Rainforest official website have done a good job to promote themselves and provide enough of information that tourist might needed.

The entrance of the Borneo Tropical Rainforest,

So what am I going to show today? Besides keep finding excuses to hide myself from not able too take nice pictures to show you. I would like to show you the scenery that I have discovered during my last trip to the Borneo Tropical Rainforest, they are simply amazing, although it is from another way. Allright, I apology for not being able to show more picture regarding the facility,accomodation,playground or what so,because at the time,me and Yek have made some jungle trekking and found out that they are really nothing when we compared it to the truly breathtaking Lambir National Park. Well,this is only my 5 cent.

The horse that we ride

The knight rider for the he come again

So take a breathe, I would like to show you the scenery that I have seen for all of the time when I travel from Mei ming road this 3 years,a lot have changed. When I am young, I often followed my dad to the oil palm camp site along the road. I LOVE to see the scenery along the road,full of tree,and load of the nature,they WERE all green,but this few years,I travelled a lot using this path and I can see is just logging activity is carry on. Yes, some of the jungle have gone bald (botak), not being to make the shrimp look big,I have pictures to show you,this is what I shot when we enter the Borneo TRopical Rainforest.

Yes,this is huge area of it! This is logging area 1. You know what? I travel and I see a lot of this kind of scene along the path to go inside the borneo Tropical Rainforest water theme park.

So what you think? I am not doing landscape photography, don’t tell me this is a nice picture. In fact, I am not a photographer anyway, I am just using the capability of camera to reveal the ugly truth on our land.

Oh man! Lets call this logging area number 2! Yes,this is it. what you see from the highway is just a cover,what is inside the surface is ugly! It is a lot of the logging activity carried on.

Many might argued that the place is logged to make oil palm site,but lets think about our nature,and what make Sarawk so special? The environment and the NATURE! If 2 pictures sounded not that convincing,allowed me to show you more.

Oh no,logging area 3, the more you go in,the more bald jungle you will see.And hey,this is just beside the Borneo Tropical Rainforest,what about other place in Sarawak?

Is this beautiful? My wise reader.

That is easy for us to search in internet and using Google Map (google Satelite) to see that our state is already losing too much jungle,in fact,in the rural area, some BIG POWER have used their power to do a lot of illegal logging. Making black money without taking care of our Earth.

I am not saying that this is illegal logging, in fact, this might be legal,but I have to tell you that this is not the Sarawak we used to know. Sarawak no more!

There were foreign researcher claimed that Sarawak are losing too much timber every year and this is not healthy! But the so called Big power denied this although google satellite have shown us the bloody truth.

Named this logging area 4?

If my pictures are not convincing enough, I beg time for me to prove as I will shoot more in future.


Guys,what we can do? Except CHANGE!


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