Klimau Waterfall, a hardly known beautiful waterfall in Sarawak.

Heading to Batu Niah now for gathering,on Coastal Highway

There is a hardly known curtain fall type waterfall in Sarawak ,named Giam Klimau (in Bidayuh language) or Klimau Waterfall. I was doing online research few days ago (Sunday,24 Jun 2012) and found a link regarding there is a nice waterfall in Batu Niah,Miri which is the main character in this article na,ed Giam Klimau, I never heard of this and there is really hardly any information regarding this beautiful waterfall. The place is not far but it required a guide to bring us there,as it located in a junction into a oil palm site somewhere near Batu Niah rest station (in where Shell and Petronas oil station located), I found a guide phone number in the internet,after confirm with my friend that he is interested in the visit, I contact the tour guide person (Mr Selan) and he told me that they will be going to the fall tomorrow (Monday,25 June 2012) and I joined the group with already a 20 above participants. So we head to Batu Niah on 6am from Miri, and I bought a Tripod and a new trail shoes just after making the call which cost me around rm160 for both of the item.

From Miri go to Bintulu using old road ( Mei Ming highway),at about 123.95 km there,there is a distance counter there and turn left when you just see the sign. Coordinate at here is ( N3° 46′ 31.6″  E113° 49′  38.5″)

This is the entrance to oil palm site,shot this while we are going back anyway.

In the oil palm site. Full of dust.

We followed Mr Selan car into the oil palm site,and it is full with dust so be careful when driving,you can’t really see the car in front of you if they do not turn on their car’s headlamp. After about 47 minutes driving in the sandy oil palm site road,you will reach the destination with some mild walk. There is more than 10 4×4 car along with us,much of them are people from tourism site and are counsellor in the council. We are the car ahead.

There is a number of 4×4 car which not shown in this images. note : This is not a 4×4 expedition 😛

So we have to going through a long journey by car before we can see the waterfall.

Oil palm nursery site in the oil palm site.

Oil palm will be collected here before send out.

Will only operate from 6am until 7pm.So please be early if you want to enjoy the cool waterfall

See, I have not lied to you,the waterfall is really located in a oil palm site.

Oil palm tree

After the exciting 47 minutes in the oil palm site,you will reach the entrance of the Giam Klimau, after some mild walk and climbing down some hill,quite stiff anyway,and trail shoes or hiking shoes are really advisable.

My newly known friend Isaac Chung is going through the bushes,don’t worry it is only a bush and long trousers are recommended. Coordinated at around N3°  43′   25.5″        E113°  55′ 39.0″

Climb up the bushes

The bushes trail

Isaac at the trail,the cloth is in green colour as this image was taken when we are going back. The rock is really slippery, so Please be extra careful while working on it.

So where is the waterfallllllllllllll? You may ask me now,Sorry,there is no  waterfall image as it suddenly rain that day 😦    Just Kidding,hahaha..

After some mild walk about 10 minute,here you can listen to the water falling sound and you can see…

Here you come! Giam Klimau!!
What??!! Su is telling lie,there is not much water! No,because of the lately dry climate,so there is really no much water flowing and the flowing is in slow process and not strong. But Mr Selan told us,when there is rainy day, you can see a huge amount of water flowing from upside and beside of the ‘hill’,and the water will be thrown far away as it is strong flow. I will shoot this again in the next trip if there is any.

This is a different waterfall from other waterfall as when water is flowing upside,it won’t collect water at the bottom,but will flow down to another small fall,and downside the trail,you can be inside as there is no water there,it is really cool!

Group photo!

And we shoot a group photo without me,Yek and another photographer as we are busying shooting their group photos. They are all friendly person,this is Sarawak,we are PEACE and UNITED! This is what we so much liking about the Sarawak, we are not racist and we are all friendly!

More or less,we can speak others race dialect, I can speak local Sarawak language and some Iban language. We respect others culture,we love each others. This is Sarawak, we stay Peace!

There is another fall here which lead to Niah River (Correct me if I am wrong)

The opposite of the waterfall,a river(?),the trunk of tree is full there,but I heard that they will built a resort there.so they will cleaned those trunk when the proposal approved.

My really old friend Yek and my newly known friend and his good friend,Isaac Chung

Downside view. You can go down if the flow is not strong,if the flow is strong you can swim or play water down there. The path upside is really slippery with full of green moss,I fall down at least 3 time when I try to shoot pictures,and my camera fall down twice,but the tripod save his life,hehe.

This waterfall is hardly known by people as some of the local people don’t know the waterfall themselves. And now,in conjunction with some rich investor and tourism department,here might become a tourist spot with resort in the future. So we can count as one of the pioneer at there.

Don’t expect rich spesies of flora and fauna at there as there have been developed into a oil palm site just like many of the place here in Sarawak. Do you know that Sarawak now is no more a timber wonderland but only a oil palm state,all of the timber have been chopped down and exported,and planted with oil palm tree,as oil palm provided good income for the people.

Be careful when you are walking at there as there is really super slippery! Here will be full of water when there is rainy season.

The fall is not strong this time as it is the dry season,and the climate is damn hot without rain for almost a week 😦 So it is not nice,picture taken cannot be final judgement for the beauty of the Klimau Waterfall. It is really super nice when you meet the right season!

Water is falling down! There is some spot in front of my compact camera lenses.

See,the path is full of moss, that is why walker must be extra careful when you are walking on the path,myself have been fall down at least 3 times here.

Klimau from vertical view.

View from bottom

The wall of the cliff is so god damn nice and beautiful! This is the power of Nature!

Look like The surface of a moon,it is many hole there.

Isaac in the picture (The pant look like this way because of the HDR effect)
We will organize a walking trip here again as this time the waterfall is not ‘complete’,we will arrange this in short time as long as after some rainy days.

They are BBQing!

A fallen tree and the Klimau Fall

Surface of the moon? No , this is the road surface of the fall,and looks nice as well. I heard that we can reach here by 2 hours walking from Batu Niah rest station,and next trip will be a walking trip not car trip. Walking trip is more fun while me and my team are all enjoying walking in nature,there is 3 more Giam (waterfall),they said if we go Klimau waterfall by foot.

The fallen tree contrasted to the sky.

Use some of your imagination,look like the face of a toad or not? Tell me what does it look alike?

Upside the cliff. Here will be a fall if it is raining.

Gathering downside the cliff?

Yek is walking on the rock.

Big rock isn’t it?

A type of mushroom grow on the surface of a fallen tree.

Preparing the ingredients for the BBQ,with traditional method! I can tell you they are simply awesome and tasty!

I love the wall of the cliff,really nice!

And whatelse we did there beside taking photos and joking around? The guide and his friends are barbequing! and we have been served by the local wine (TUAK)! Yes!

This is truly LIFE! We are enjoying along the whole trip,seriously a enjoyable moment.

Bath under the fall! Looks great right?

Life is about enjoying,not suffering right? They enjoyed life much better than us.

haha,the chicken wing! I am so excited until getting this shaky image. haha

BBQing while we are eating,hehe.
Please take note that only this trip is made with BBQ and local wine serving session,not every trip will be like this.

Ngirup tuak? (Drink Tuak=local brew wine). This is the white colour one whch is a bit like bitter nice malt taste. And this is Mr Selan whom is one of our friendly tour guide. I will provide his telephone number later.

Drink and joking in group,haha,real enjoying life!

Siput babi,local people love to eat this,cook this by frying,they said it is nice,never tried before. Siput babi is there when you look for it,quite a amount of it.

Drink? this is a yellow type,i love this Tuak, it is a bit sweet in taste. Nice! Local people are all friendly in common,they won’t be ‘small gas’ when offered food and drink for you, but if you don;t accept their offer,touch your own lips and say thank you,this is their culture for you to not eat their food.

Woohoooo~ BBQing body part of the chicken

Strange flora that I found there.

Nice leaf

Creature on the cliff

Nice right? hehe, I told you this is a truly nice place!If there is a heavy flow,you will definitely wish to stay at here!

Isaac after taking the bath

Th downside,small fall.

2 fall or one fall?

This is just a common plant

From left Mr Mumin (0145971161),Me, Mr Selan (0198685341) and Isaac. You can contact if you wish to go there,it is free to call for the tour guide 🙂 They are friendly.
You can leave a comment here as well if you need my help.

My wound is bleeding after some fall down at the slippery land.


We retreat first as it is already quite late, don’t try to go there by yourself as the road when you need to find the Klimau is quite complicated and long.

My Beautiful Readers, why did I share and visit this Klimau Waterfall with so many fuss? I break my wound and it is bleeding, I fall down into the water for a numerous time, my camera and tripod fall to the water for few times, I broke and scratched my newly bought (which is not over 8 hours old) tripod, I soak my newly bought trail shoes into water, I sweat myself like a cow,why make myself so boh eng (busy)? I am not paid for doing this,I just wish to do something meaningful which cover more place in Sarawak to bring to my readers and for those local people or those whom want to come to Sarawak. I hope that, I can raise awareness for youngster that Sarawak is no more a Timber wonderland,there is oil palm tree all the way.Why are you still sitting in front of the computer now? If you are really keen to the nature, don;t be a keyboard warrior,not necessarily for us to go to other people country just to see beautiful  landscape and view. Nature is awesome,beautiful and amazing than those concrete human-making building. I am not saying I am big, I am just wish to share and do it as a human being. I know the pictures in my site is not that nice, I am not a photographer anyway,I wish to provide a more complete guide for you,my readers.

This is a really busy day. I back in Miri for about 5Pm and I go to Bintulu again at 5.45PM, saty tuned. I will tell you where I go in Bintulu 🙂


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  1. Very nice Bro. I’m Perak and already been here for almost 10 years now. We love to stay here because of the Nature and one of that is the Waterfalls. We’d like to join you. Our Contact No: 0162189751 and my name is Adnan Mat Tahir.

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