Taman Tumbina,Bintulu.A botanical and zoological garden.

I have been went to Bintulu at the same day (25 June 2012)  I go to Giam Klimau on about 6PM. Actually I am quite tired and sleepy already after some ‘TUAK'(local wine) and Carlsberg  session but I insist to go to Bintulu with my dad and uncle. So what is so attractive there which can attract me although I am tired already?

My dad and uncle in the car,I am at the rear seat to shoot this pictures. The main reason we go to Bintulu is bring this little car to return to the owner. Stay overnight there.

So what is so attractive?

Yes,it is Taman Tumbina!!
Which I called ‘zoo’ and actually it also contain many species of flora besides fauna.

The map of the Taman Tumbina,there is RM2 charge for adult and rm0.5 for a children. And operate start from 8a.m.

What???? It is only Taman Tumbina that makes me travel such 200 plus kilometers to Taman Tumbina? 3 years ago,when I am just started in  photography field, I visited Taman Tumbina and as far as my memory can recalled, 3 years ago after the trip with my dad’s Olympus compact digital camera,I don’t really have a usable image. So i want to see after 3 years, what have been improved in me as this time I will only have a compact camera with me as well, but with a better zoom,wider lenses, better screen,higher megapixel and IMAGE STABELIZER!)

For those who wish to shoot in  Tumbina, I will recommend you to bring along your tripod and a long zoom which at least 300mm (35mm equiv),as some of the animal you have to zoom really close to get the image.Before you enter the Taman Tumbina entrance,it is better for you to require a map in front of the guide house. But don;t worry, even without the map, you won’t get lost in the ‘zoo’ as there is a lot of zookeeper that ready to help you and provide useful information, what you have to do is ask nicely. The road sign is there too anyway,so don’t worry.

Before we start, I have a story to share with you. Don’t know why, Bintulu always been described as a ‘direty’ place means there will be a lot of ghost thingy and spiritual stuff especially in Taman Tumbina,Smilajau and Tanjung Batu area.My dad and my uncle,been experienced this themselves so naturally, I have been warned by them to be extra careful when one stay at those area. Anyway, I will discover the Smilajau National Park one day, and I made a promise here the trip will be different 🙂

Nicely look Taman Tumbina patterned garden.Look like a jungle? Yes,it is quite full with tree inside,but don’t worry,human work path have been built there. So forget about your hiking shoes.

So we will walk on the road.

Please forgve me as I don’t recorded the name of the animal,but in past they put charmeleon here,but now it is……

hehe,and now it is this animal inside that white house,what animal is this? I don’t know the name as well ==!!

This is at the white house as well.

Man made waterfall? or natural waterfall?

Jungle alike? I love the surrounding!

You no need to bring your drinks there as there is a canteen there,selling drinks at considered quite reasonable price considered the place. But when I am at there 8.xx a.m,the canteen have not operated yet.

Ikan Naga (Dragon fish)???? Where is it??

Hehe,it is not easy to find the fish as the pond is *&*&^%&

Until I ask the zookeper, I have found the Ikan Naga,it is quite big!!! But inactive as well.

A bridge at there,but remained unused.


Another ‘waterfall’?

Taman Kelebar Is up here after the ladder, but I will only go there later. I go to botanical garden first.

Choose,either you want go to Taman Kelebar at your left side or botanical garden at your right side. Don’t worry,choose either side and you can go to the another side later.

The stair toward the Orchid garden

Reached Orchid garden, and the worker is watering the plant, ready to see the various type of orchid? 🙂

Orchid!! Yes this is,only without the bloomy flower. hehe

Not bloomy? Wait,there is few orchid back there with flower.

Yeah yeah,here you come!
Now is not the season for the orchid to bloom I think,so there is no really ‘generous’ orchid flower picture.

Leaves of the orchid is nice too, depend on how you look at it.

Pink one. Bloom in your heart 🙂

Purple one. Feeling happy when seeing the orchid.

This is not an orchid. hehe

Red colour flower
What is its name? I don;t know but this flower is quite common in Malaysia.

And now we reach the fernery garden

The fernery garden

Is this the pitcher plant? I am not sure as well but I don’t think so.

What is this? I lid the flower with my torchlight.

I love the pot! Naturally green!

We used to plant this at home as well.

A common plant in Sarawak as well.


Cactus garden,many type of cactus can be found here.

One of the type of cactus,my home plant this species as well.

And I am sure this is man made waterfall,in the cactus garden.

Big cactus plant!

People love to ‘craft’ their name on some place when they visited the place,seriously a selfish and bad attitude.

cactus all the way

Cactus again!

The imitate loo alike dessert surrounding

chamomile again?

A common species flower in Sarawak as well,but I don;t know the name.

Danger! Renovation is in progress but no sign is putting on 😦

White colour one

Hibiscus? Nation flower of Malaysia

Here you come! Taman Kelebar (Butterfly park),ready to see a lot of butterfly spesies?

Inside of the Butterfly park

You can walk on here.it is really nice,full of plant,butterfly?? wait..

No butterfly as the net have been destroyed by strong wind,and all of the butterfly flown out and some bird come in and ate up the butterfly. I heard that this happened quite frequent. To be fair, 3 years ago when come into this park, I can only see 1 or 2 butterfly, maybe I am not luck enough to meet the season. But in Taman Tumbina, you can see a lot of butterfly anyway.

Broken net and cage, this is why I don’t have butterfly pictures to show you.

Flower at there

Lingerine linger

What is inside?

Fern plant? We are still inside the Butterfly park.

It was closed,why?? It is ok,I try another route to go down.

It was blocked as well at the other side, I heard that the stair is quite stiff and dangerous so they closed the route. Is ok,human are meant to be flexible,so I…

I opened it,but please don’t do this…

So what is so special down there? There is a ‘river’ there, i heard they said this is naturally here, not man made one.

looking upside

Out from butterfly park,now we are at bougainvillea garden,how is bougainvillea look like?
Zookeeper told me that from the peak of this bougainvillea garden we can see Bintulu sea view and city.Let see.

This is bougainvillea plant. Quite common right?

bougainvillea garden

Fairy tale door?

The peak of the garden, you can see the road sign here,which country are you from? Sea view and city of the Bintulu town.

After that,guess where am I heading? Yes, I am going to fauna park.

You have to walk on the wooden stair for quite a distance before you can reach to fauna side.

Tree and plant is just beside the stair.

Another type of fern?

Bamboo? You won’t be boring along the path.


Now we reach the bird garden,lets named this bird 1.
Much of the species here are endangered species which is already near extinct.

Bird 2,please forgive the focus wrongly image and flash powered image as they are moving in the cage,without flash I can’t freeze their action. And autofocus system of my camera can;t keep with the movement and often focus wrongly at the white cage.

Bird 3

Still the bird 3

Bird of the day, I love this bird,very cute!

Hornbill! The signature of Sarawak!

Peafowl or peacock, did not fan its tail when they saw me, maybe I am not charmed for them.

Workers are repairing the cage of the hornbill cage, the sound that hornbill made when it is flying is nice! But poorly,it is in cage 😦


Cute duck which same cage as hornbill. Very cute and follow my step when I am walking around at there.

Mynah,a cute mynah that will speak Assalamualaikum and laugh to you.haha

Reptila zone,and now we come.

What is this looking in front?

Ngaummmmmmmmmmmmm~~~ Crocodile coming

Alligator? Look fierce

They are crocodile.. There is a crocodile farm in Miri as well,been there once when I am 16, do have a lot of animal as well,but nothing special there except a lot of crocodile. I heard there is another one crocodile farm at Kuching there as well.

Another type of reptile,crocodile。

As for reptile,if we don;t show snake feel like incomplete but sadly,the phyton section is undergo renovation so we dont have piv for it. Continue the journey to visit my old friend.

This is not my old friend,haha…wait..

After this, I can meet my old friend,no joking, I come to Taman Tumbina mainly for him. Sadly,my camera battery is almost gone flat already,who is my friend? Wait..

not my old friend as well,but very close.

Oooops,should have shot this in front of,is there a lion there? I asked the worker there, in past there is a lion there which left by the circus at there,after that, the lios is dead.

Yes this is my old friend! When I reach there,she was sleeping, I am quite disappointed and wish to go just like that,but not being satisfied i go back again and into forbidden area this time to take her shots,but she woke up when she heard my walking step noise,she stared at me. And quickly I go back to the correct route.

My battery was flat already,she is fierce,and the look of her eyes are just too attractive. Taman Tumbina supposed to have two tigers but one of the tiger have been put into cage,don’t know why,but can hear the roaring sound of the tiger in the cage anyway.

Here is my last station, I am not managed to visit the ostrich place.

Is Taman Tumbina worth a visit?

YES,I would said. But surprisingly local Bintulu people seldom visit Taman Tumbina, maybe this is the reason why as a Mirian,I seldom visit Crocodile farm,beraya beach,hawaii beach,and never visit to Niah Cave. But for your children or as a teenager,this is a giood place for you to hang out,I heard that there is quite a number of visitors monthl, the fees are cheap as well. The workers there are mostly friendly and they are always ready to help. In Bintulu,there is only 2 place that made me want to go so much,which is taman Tumbina and Smilajau national Park. I will discovered Smilajau National Park as soon as possible,if possible I will spend few night there. In conclusion,go to visit Taman Tumbina when you are in Bintulu.

And this is rehydrate session after the walks.


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