Tanjung Batu Beach, Bintulu

Haha,it is one month ago I visited Bintulu with my dad again and this time,I have been brought to Tanjung Batu in Bintulu,and it took me another4 weeks to post up this blog entry,why? Because I  have too much thing to do in this month and my beloved Panasonic Tz7 have broken when I visited Panchur Waterfall, lambir few weeks later after this entry. So i am going extremely slow on photography lately even after I get my new camera. I don’t have much to introduce this time,Tanjung Batu near taman Tumbina which my last blog entry introduce,it is a nice place as well but seriously talking,not that special. I wish to go to Tusan Cliff as my lovely reader suggest and beraya beach. And keep in touch with me, I will make a trip to Miri secret place as soon as I can.

Here is the sunset picture of it,Tanjung Batu is special because almost at sea,it has an ‘island’ there.

I found out that quite number of Bintulu citizen visit there,cycling and swimming..

There is some factory regarding petroleum business as you can see from the picture,but it is quite far from the Tanjung Batu beach,what you can see is flame.

Island? quite a good and romantic place actually,especially during the sunset moment,with a right person.

2 people on the ‘island’.

Being lonely or enjoying?

Just a ordinary tree.

Sunset yo

Sunset,people with landscape.

Shore,there is some hawker centre there,maybe with some sea viewing,people can also enjoy some food there.

Silhoutte sunset? not again a same trick.

Erm…I don’t know why this appeared there.

Cliff shore,I noticed some people carrying camera to there as well,regardless big or small camera.

Haha,this time different,playing with black and white. I admitted this album is quite bored.hehe.

Personally I love this cloud!

Flora at there

Going inside the frame 🙂

In frame

A lovely couple

This is last second album that I work with my Panasonic TZ7 😦 . Enjoyed.


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