Back to track

It has really been too long, too long that I have never came back to post something here. In fact, I created this blog years ago but never really post something here. My initial intention to create this blog is to share my photography knowledge but after these years and looking back, it is really too few that I can share when I see myself still have too much yet to learn,  however, I really wish to have a personal place/space, good or bad, I wish to challenge myself for showcasing my photography works.

So what should you expected to see in my blog?
 This is a mainly photography blog, so you will see tonnes of photography works by me, which I wished I can upload here on daily basis, for sure, what I will upload here is not ‘I just ate an apple today’ types of picture, instead, all come out from my perspective, good or bad, I love it so I will post it here. So remember, what I think beautiful might not be nice for you, but please came back often and check out my photography works, even if you are just want to read something when you are too free.
Second, tonnes of grammar error words
I wished I could write something beautiful, maybe those can submit to Cambridge/Oxford Universities but pals, english is merely my main language, in fact it is my fifth/sixth language, so don’t expect something from my grammar here.
[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Star war?[/url] by [url=]Su Inspire[/url], on Flickr
I wished that you will be happy here 🙂
What Kind of photographs will you see here?
Well, mainly some street photography, walk of life, work of life, some equipment review work and really, I bring my camera every place I go, so you will see just what I see.
Hopefully, this is a good start that will never come to an end.
[url=][img][/img][/url][url=]Black And White[/url] by [url=]Su Inspire[/url], on Flickr

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